Powered by our award-winning Generative AI platform, we work with the most ambitious brands globally. Supercharging growth through the power of communities. At Turba Media, we harness award-winning generative AI to provide our clients with unprecedented access to large data sets and extract valuable insights from them in real time. Gone are the days of waiting for reports – with our generative AI solutions, you can tap into the data, live, gaining actionable insights on the fly. Whether it’s tracking market trends, analysing your communities behaviour, or predicting future outcomes, our generative AI tools empower you to stay ahead of the curve and action informed decisions with confidence. 

Sentiment Analysis looks at the tone of the posts and comments we aggregate to help classify the usefulness of the profile to the particular campaign. This is one key factor in reducing the waste prevalent in current online marketing cycles. Turba Medias’ generative AI models mitigate biases present, leading to more objective sentiment analysis results. 

Generative AI Classification is used to further divide up the communities generated and explored by Turba Media’s proprietary tech, into subcategories and classifications. These can be used in understanding consumer sentiment, analysing emerging trends, and personalising content to ensure your audience feels connected, recognised and valued.

Generative AI Extraction also known as generative extraction, allows us to extract structured information from unstructured data making it more suitable for analysis and decision-making. Turba Medias’ generative extraction tools uncover complex patterns and relationships within unstructured data that may not be readily apparent, providing valuable insights for business intelligence, research, and problem-solving. Turba Medias’ proprietary tech takes it a step further offering the ability to condense these learnings into headers which can be assigned and used in the campaign or adapted to suit brand language for messaging and communications. 

Generative AI Summarisation gives a live view of the hype and buzz patterns present by summarising ALL of the content aggregated in a particular campaign into a usable snapshot.Think of it as market research at the press of a button. It’s also a disruptor: by understanding how your crowd ticks, your brand can capitalise on unique trend patterns and get ahead of the pack. Turba Media can summarise texts in multiple languages, enabling cross-lingual summarisation and facilitating communication and understanding across language barriers.

Generative AI