Track, interpret, analyse and translate consumer sentiment in your audiences. This means we can recognise trends, predict future trajectories, and identify and build new communities for your brand. At Turba Media, we take innate pride in our ability to aggregate large data sets from social media outlets and blogs, transforming them into insightful visualisations that empower our clients. We collect and deliver every digital interaction and touch point of your audience’s performance. Gone are the days of sifting through endless reports and spreadsheets – with our user-friendly visualisation methodology, you can now see at a glance what would previously have taken months of reading to observe. or a data scientist to decipher. Whether it’s tracking social media trends, analysing customer sentiment, or identifying emerging topics, our data visualisation services provide you with the tools you need to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. As Bill Gates famously said, “The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competitors is to do an outstanding job with information.” Through your Turba Media dashboards’ fast brand-specific intelligence, you can stay ahead of the pack, unlock actionable insights and drive business growth. Updated live and on the fly your dashboard gives you instant access to a range of tools and data that will help shape core creative ideas, content stagey and briefs, community media targeting.