Turba Media delivers future-tech data visualisation and management, business intelligence, and behavioural science analytics, to provide empowered decision-making, clearly defined strategic brand direction, and the all important connection to global cultural capital. 

Powered by customised generative AI tech, we can track, interpret, analyse and translate consumer sentiment in your audiences. This means we can recognise trends, predict future trajectories, and identify and build new communities for your brand. 

Turba Media here to help filter the digital noise so that what you do is heard – loud and clear. 

A new way forward;

Until now market research and relevant, brand-specific intelligence of industry hype have belonged to costly software packages available to the largest brands only.

The ‘spray and pray’ method of traditional and online media spend, over-dependency on algorithm-based advertising, and inaccurate segmentation targeting methods are all part of the problem, with marketing teams still relying on outdated methodologies that understate their audiences. This typically results in diminishing ROIs and a lack of relevancy and authenticity.

Currently, audiences expect curated content and personalised customer recognition.

Utilising Turba Media’s future-forward tech we can help you understand consumer sentiment and analyse what your community wants and needs, realigning you with your audience, their shared values and their ongoing loyalty.  

AI-driven sentiment analysis offers valuable insights into how your brand is perceived, which allows you to refine messaging strategies to deliver more – and better. 

Add personalisation, predictive analytics of your audience, the ability to identify trends, evaluate campaign effectiveness, examine your online influence, and integrate audience data across multiple channels, and it all points towards considered, personalised strategic direction, built on the shoulders of the people who know you best.  

Dive deeper – Everything that happens digitally

We collect every digital interaction and touch point of your audience’s performance

Campaign Effectiveness

Get your message communicated based on audience engagement and generative AI metrics 


Our opt-in panel onboarding process is GDPR, CCPA & Australian Privacy Act compliant, employing the highest measures of the regulations and compatible policies

Driven by Generative AI

Our Big Data crunching engine processes live data daily providing the most advanced user-centric data analytics at scale

Your Goals – we got you covered!

Get the data you need whenever you need it. We support data feed delivery customised to your choice

Behavioural Profiles

Our unique approach methodology covers behavioural segments and user demographics as diversely as possible representing a hybrid between unique data collection technology and data modelling methodology.


Build Audiences

Tracking and monitoring content interactions live


Community Capital

Unlock your community capital, connect with your audience


Sentiment Analysis

Powering decision-makers through the end-to-end process


Turbas’ Output

Allow audience engagement and growth organically and holistically.