From automating processes and powering hyper personalisation to permanently altering the idea generation process, generative AI is poised to be a catalyst for a new age of marketing capabilities. Imagine a world where marketers have no creative constraints. A world where they can make the right offer at the right time for the right person—in […]

Summary Generative AI models for businesses threaten to upend the world of content creation, with substantial impacts on marketing, software, design, entertainment, and interpersonal communications. These models are able to produce text and images: blog posts, program code, poetry, and artwork. The software uses complex machine learning models to predict the next word based on […]

The explosive growth of generative AI over the last year has been truly phenomenal. Kick-started by the public release of ChatGPT (was it really only a year ago?), it’s now everywhere. Keen to ride the wave, every app from Microsoft Office to eBay has been adding generative AI capabilities, and growing numbers of us are […]

How to responsibly scale business-ready generative AI Imagine the possibilities of providing text-based queries and opening a world of knowledge for improved learning and productivity. Possibilities are growing that include assisting in writing articles, essays or emails; accessing summarised research; generating and brainstorming ideas; dynamic search with personalised recommendations for retail and travel; and explaining […]

Data is essential: Building an effective generative AI marketing strategy Generative AI is powering a new world of creative, customised communications, allowing marketing teams to deliver greater personalisation at scale and meet today’s high customer expectations. The potential of this powerful new tool spans the entire end-to-end marketing process, from internal communications and productivity to […]

AI in marketing: How to leverage this powerful new technology for your next campaign A recent study by Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) estimates that by 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will generate more than USD 15 trillion for the global economy and boost local economies by as much as 26%. (1) But what about AI’s potential […]

What is generative AI? Generative AI refers to deep-learning models that can generate high-quality text, images, and other content based on the data they were trained on. Artificial intelligence has gone through many cycles of hype, but even too skeptics, the release of ChatGPT seems to mark a turning point. OpenAI’s chatbot, powered by its […]