At Turba Media, one of our primary disruptive elements is our commitment to offering our clients the democratisation of their data. Powered by our award-winning Generative AI platform, we work with the most ambitious brands globally. Get the data you need whenever you want it. Turba Media supports data feed delivery customised to your choice to provide empowered decision-making, clearly defined strategic brand direction, and the connection to global cultural capital. We believe that data ownership is paramount – our clients not only win it but also keep it. Our data management solutions empower you to take control of your data, ensuring that it remains accessible, secure, and in your hands at all times. From data governance to integration and storage, we provide comprehensive support to help you leverage your data assets to their fullest potential. With Turba Media, you’re not just a passive participant in the data ecosystem – you’re empowered to unlock the full potential of your data and shape your own data-driven future. Utilising ‘white hat’ API integrations for content aggregation from an ever-growing list of social media outlets, blogs and traditional media outlets, Turba Media builds communities and accesses high-value existing ones for our clients. This is all achieved within GDPR, CCPA & Australian Privacy Act compliance, employing the highest measures of the regulations and compatible policies. Notable in this area is the building of unique communities for our clients, profiles and data you can access again and again and analyse to lean from, all delivered to your dashboard live and on the fly.