Helping brands identify, understand and activate high value cultural communities for accelerated growth. Track, interpret, analyse and translate consumer sentiment in your audiences. This means we can recognise trends, predict future trajectories, and identify and build new communities for your brand. We are here to help filter the digital noise and reduce waste on media buying so that what you do is heard – loud and clear. At Turba Media, we view Data Science Consulting as the strategic ally that businesses turn to in their quest to decode the language of data and turn it into actionable insights. Through a fusion of advanced analytics and machine learning wizardry, we delve deep into big data to extract buzz and hype themes that drive organisational success. In the words of renowned data scientist DJ Patil, “Data scientists are half scientist, half engineer, and half artist.” This multifaceted ‘art’ involves not only crunching numbers but also crafting narratives from the data, painting a picture of the future based on statistical probabilities and informed predictions. At the heart of Data Science Consulting lies collaboration. We work hand in hand with organisations, understanding their unique challenges and aspirations. probing the data landscape to unearth hidden patterns and correlations that activate high-value cultural communities;  translating into brand growth.

From exploratory data analysis to predictive modelling and optimisation, every step in the consulting journey is meticulously orchestrated. Data collection and preprocessing lay the groundwork, ensuring that the foundation is solid and the insights gleaned are robust. Model development and evaluation represent the crucible where ideas are forged into actionable strategies. Finally, deployment and monitoring ensure that the insights generated continue to deliver value long after the consulting engagement has ended. Together, we navigate the labyrinth of information, unlocking hidden opportunities and mitigating risks along the way. This includes predictive analytics of your audience, the ability to identify trends, evaluate campaign effectiveness, examine your online influence, and integrate audience data across multiple channels. It all points towards considered, personalised strategic direction, built on the shoulders of the people who know you best.